Feedback Forum at Cambridge Art Association

The Feedback Forum is held monthly at CAA (Cambridge Art Association), and I really wanted to check it out.  I was nervous going in and I wasn't even presenting.  Before anyone started I had those strange voices in my head saying, "What are you doing here?".  I knew no one, then I saw Erin, the director, she smiled at me.  Then the voices of reason said, "Just be open to learning."  The latter voice was victorious, I stayed for all three artists.

Tanya Hayes Lee -

Brenda Steinberg -

Philip Young -

Every time, I put myself out there and made an effort to do something out of my comfort zone, I always become more expansive, creative, and motivated.  There is so much bravery in sharing a piece of who you are and being vulnerable in hearing feedback.  Whatever you do with it, you can decide to let it drive you to be more adventurous in trying new processes and pushing you to go beyond yourself.  As an artist, this is your gift to the world, this is your language, this is your forum.  I believe I got out of it as much as Tanya, Brenda, and Philip.  They passed on the baton of courage so I can do the same.

WholeARTedly Det.

We all need people who will give us feedback. That is how we improve.
— Bill Gates, Microsoft

Trying New Things

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. ~Walt Disney

I got so consumed with some of the new things I’ve been trying that I’ve had little time to share on social media.  It’s like a perpetual Spring cleaning mode and tackling my must-do-list.   I am trying a few new things…

Bullet journaling, I call it my “brain”, I just made it and still at a rough stage.  I’m aiming to make a nice cover this weekend.  So far, it’s working out for me, I designed it to work with my thought planning process.  I had to use disc binding system so I can move the pages around, I am an artist, my planning style has to be fluid.  Plus I love to write things down.  If you want to know more about bullet journalling, click here.

Bullet Journal

I discovered Pilot’s Frixion erasable retractable pens. I used them all over my bullet journal and my Mel Robbins’ workbook.  Did I mention she is transforming my mind!!!! And guess what, she lives in Boston, ok Mrs. Robbins I am determined to meet you soon.  I will bring my Frixion pens with me.  I wish I invented these babies.  You can get my new craze pens, here, and you'll find Mel’s website, here.  

Pilot Frixion

Running 5Ks/month is a new goal and no I am not in love with running.  Two main reasons I started doing it is to build my cardio and self-esteem.  I know it’s good for me, and I find it so satisfying when I reach that finish line! Don’t ask me what I say to myself during the run, it’s rather insane.  Anyways, it works! 5-4-3-2-1 Go!  Right, Mel Robbins! 

As for our garden, I was very patient this year and decided not to start till Memorial weekend. I didn’t over do it with the plants, I think...hopefully, this time I can walk around.  It’s our fourth season doing a garden together and I always try new techniques, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I can stare at the garden for hours if I had nothing else to do, good thing I do!  This year I am trying tomatillo, asparagus, white eggplants, toscano kale, and rainbow tomatoes.  Oh I bought a Lemon Myers plant, it’s my favorite.  Gosh, I’ll have to do some research on it, I want to bring it indoors during the cold season.  


I think it’s really ok, to be busy doing things that keep you in the state of passion.  I never struggled trying new things, I just want to be better at meeting my goals.  I’ll let you know if the bullet journal is working out for me.  I’ll do my best to share where my curiosity takes me!  If you’ve been meaning to try something new and you have a million excuses to why you aren’t.  Go to Mel Robbins’ site and discover techniques that will make you move!

WholeARTedly, Det.

Sweet Beginnings

“And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” 
― Meister Eckhart

So I wanted to start a blog, everyone and their grandmother seems to have one, why not me?  I decided I wasn't going to try to figure it out, I was just gonna write and just share my pondered thoughts.  I want to completely give myself permission to be creative with whatever fancies my heart.   I can't promise you how often I will be writing. I can't promise my content will have any value to you.  I can't even promise that I won't have a typo or grammatical errors, I also make up words.  I can't promise I'll make sense or you'll agree with me.  I want to live my creativity not inhibit myself to a blogging standard if there is such a thing.  

Why not start with a sweet beginning!  I am lactose intolerance, unfortunately it hasn't stopped me from eating ice cream.  So naturally, I wanted to make myself some dairy-free ice cream that didn't taste blah!  I usually check out all the Youtubers, blogs, whatever the internet world has and somehow come up with my own concoction of a recipe.  Warning I am terrible at writing recipes.  I tend to go through my cupboards and hope for the best, unless I was heading to the grocery store that day.  Since I've been on a healthier path, I convinced myself one must not need to deprive themselves of life's sweetness.  So mini-desserts are my sudden fascination.  Here's my not-quite a recipe, I didn't measure anything, so hopefully I can recreate it.  It sure is fun recreating.

Dairy-free Vanilla Pecan Ice Cream

Dairy-Free Vanilla Coconut Pecan Ice Cream

  • 1 Can of Coconut Milk
  • Sugar (added until I thought it was sweet enough)
  • Vanilla Extract (eyeballed a spoonful)
  • Pecans (whatever I had on hand)
  • Coconut Shavings

In a blender, I mixed it all together except the pecans.  I bought a $14.99 ice cream maker at CVS when it was on a clearance sale.  Oh, I put the canister in the fridge for at least 24 hours, I wanted to make sure it was really cold.  Turned it on.  Poured the mixture.  Thirty minutes later it started to get thicker, I added the pecans in pieces. Turned it off after five minutes, transfered into a freezer container.  And today, viola, I decided to make a mini portion for myself and for fun drizzled coconut shavings.  I deserved it, I did forty-five minutes of cardio and its all good.  FYI, I would still eat it, even if I didn't make it to the gym.  I can't imagine what Sagarika (my yoga teacher) would say to me, I just know she'll give me a killer workout for our next class. 

WholeARTedly Det.