Sweet Beginnings

“And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” 
― Meister Eckhart

So I wanted to start a blog, everyone and their grandmother seems to have one, why not me?  I decided I wasn't going to try to figure it out, I was just gonna write and just share my pondered thoughts.  I want to completely give myself permission to be creative with whatever fancies my heart.   I can't promise you how often I will be writing. I can't promise my content will have any value to you.  I can't even promise that I won't have a typo or grammatical errors, I also make up words.  I can't promise I'll make sense or you'll agree with me.  I want to live my creativity not inhibit myself to a blogging standard if there is such a thing.  

Why not start with a sweet beginning!  I am lactose intolerance, unfortunately it hasn't stopped me from eating ice cream.  So naturally, I wanted to make myself some dairy-free ice cream that didn't taste blah!  I usually check out all the Youtubers, blogs, whatever the internet world has and somehow come up with my own concoction of a recipe.  Warning I am terrible at writing recipes.  I tend to go through my cupboards and hope for the best, unless I was heading to the grocery store that day.  Since I've been on a healthier path, I convinced myself one must not need to deprive themselves of life's sweetness.  So mini-desserts are my sudden fascination.  Here's my not-quite a recipe, I didn't measure anything, so hopefully I can recreate it.  It sure is fun recreating.

Dairy-free Vanilla Pecan Ice Cream

Dairy-Free Vanilla Coconut Pecan Ice Cream

  • 1 Can of Coconut Milk
  • Sugar (added until I thought it was sweet enough)
  • Vanilla Extract (eyeballed a spoonful)
  • Pecans (whatever I had on hand)
  • Coconut Shavings

In a blender, I mixed it all together except the pecans.  I bought a $14.99 ice cream maker at CVS when it was on a clearance sale.  Oh, I put the canister in the fridge for at least 24 hours, I wanted to make sure it was really cold.  Turned it on.  Poured the mixture.  Thirty minutes later it started to get thicker, I added the pecans in pieces. Turned it off after five minutes, transfered into a freezer container.  And today, viola, I decided to make a mini portion for myself and for fun drizzled coconut shavings.  I deserved it, I did forty-five minutes of cardio and its all good.  FYI, I would still eat it, even if I didn't make it to the gym.  I can't imagine what Sagarika (my yoga teacher) would say to me, I just know she'll give me a killer workout for our next class. 

WholeARTedly Det.