Feedback Forum at Cambridge Art Association

The Feedback Forum is held monthly at CAA (Cambridge Art Association), and I really wanted to check it out.  I was nervous going in and I wasn't even presenting.  Before anyone started I had those strange voices in my head saying, "What are you doing here?".  I knew no one, then I saw Erin, the director, she smiled at me.  Then the voices of reason said, "Just be open to learning."  The latter voice was victorious, I stayed for all three artists.

Tanya Hayes Lee -

Brenda Steinberg -

Philip Young -

Every time, I put myself out there and made an effort to do something out of my comfort zone, I always become more expansive, creative, and motivated.  There is so much bravery in sharing a piece of who you are and being vulnerable in hearing feedback.  Whatever you do with it, you can decide to let it drive you to be more adventurous in trying new processes and pushing you to go beyond yourself.  As an artist, this is your gift to the world, this is your language, this is your forum.  I believe I got out of it as much as Tanya, Brenda, and Philip.  They passed on the baton of courage so I can do the same.

WholeARTedly Det.

We all need people who will give us feedback. That is how we improve.
— Bill Gates, Microsoft