This is where curiosity takes me, exploring multi-media techniques, and just about anywhere creativity opens the door.  


Alcohol Ink on Transparent Film

With just a straw, transparent film, and my breath, this happened.  Sometimes I blew hard through the straw and sometimes gently to move the ink.  I tilted up, down, and twirled.  


Acrylic on Recycled Book Page

Found a discarded book, tore it apart so that I could paint on it.  Whenever I paint on recycled paper, my mind suddenly has security clearance to make a mess.  It's a beautiful mess!


Thread Drawing on Dissolvable Fuse

Using my favorite tool of all...the sewing machine!  I used the vintage Morse Fotomatic IV sewing machine.  I can do this all day, if I didn't have nothing else to do.  I am choosing imperfection as my guide.